The first thing to do when diagnosing your Call Button System is to determine which part of the system has the issue. Here are a couple tips to follow to determine what exactly isn’t working.

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Are button presses being recorded on the website?

If button presses are being recorded on your report site, then the hub unit is working. Test multiple different buttons to check that a single Call Button hasn’t gone bad or run low on batteries. If you try multiple buttons, and their LEDs flash, but there are no entries being logged, there’s a good chance there’s something going on with the Hub.

On the hub unit, are there any lights staying lit?

The Hub Unit has multiple indicator lights. If none of these are staying lit, there is probably an issue with the Hub unit. Please see the Hub Unit troubleshooting for LED light troubleshooting.

Do other Call Buttons work but a specific one doesn’t?

It’s good practice to try a few of your different Call Buttons in case one of them has dead batteries. If only one seems to not be responding, it more than likely just an issue with that button. If numerous buttons are all not working and are within range with LEDs lighting up, the issue may be at the Hub Unit or Walkie Module.

If you have a walkie module and there is no audio, have you tried plugging headphones into the Hub Unit?

A great way to determine if the walkie module is malfunctioning is to see if the hub unit is in fact outputting audio. The easiest way to test this would be to get a standard set of 3.5mm headphones and plug them directly into the Hub Unit. You should hear audio. If you do, there may be something wrong with the Walkie Module. If you don’t hear audio, the Call Button may be having issues or the Hub Unit is.

Hub Unit

Troubleshooting LED Messages:

Board Red PWR LED: On if power OK, flashes (or goes out) if the power drops below about 4.63V
Board Green ACT LED: Steady on if no SD card during boot, irregular flashes for SD card access
Ethernet Socket Left LED (yellow): On 100-Mbps connection, off 10-Mbps connection
Ethernet Socket Right LED (green): On if link established, flashes for port activity, off if no link is established

If you have determined there is something going on with your Hub Unit, please look into the following:

  • Are any LEDs lighting up on the Hub Unit? There are LEDs on the ethernet port as well as on the main board of the Hub Unit that you can see from specific angles. If nothing is lighting up, there are a few possible solutions. Make sure the power supply powering the Hub Unit is the one originally sent with it. The power supply MUST be 5v and be able to provide at least 2.5 amps. If it is just the ethernet ports that aren’t lighting up, please ensure that the cable you are using is in tact and that the Hub Unit is plugged into a live ethernet switch. Try multiple cables and ports if this light remains off.
  • If audio is not coming out of the audio jack, and you’ve tried plugging headphones in directly, make sure that their is an audio message setup for the Call Button id you are pressing. If there is not an audio message setup, the Hub Unit may not play anything at all.
  • If the Hub Unit is playing audio but is not logging entries to the report site, the Hub Unit does not have an active internet connection. Please ensure via checking the port lights that the Hub has a proper connection. You can try different ethernet cords as well as different switch ports.

Call Button

If you have determined there is something going on with one of your Call Buttons, please look into the following:

  • Is the LED indicator lighting up? If it’s not, it’s more than likely a dead battery or a connection issue inside of the button. Please replace all of the batteries with new ones and try again. If the light is lighting up, try moving the Call Button closer to the Hub Unit to see if it is a range issue. The report sight will show the range of the last successful connection to a call button on the setup page.

Walkie Module

If you have determined there is something going on with your Walkie Module, please look into the following:

  • Are all the connections properly seated? Sometimes the wires connecting the Hub Unit to the Walkie Module can become disconnected. Please ensure that both ends are completely connected.
  • Is the correct power supply being used? The power supply MUST be 12v and be able to supply at least 2 amps of power.
  • Does there seem to be interference during transmission? Please ensure that the antenna for the Walkie Module is as far away from the unit as possible as it can interfere with itself if too close.

If You Are Still Having Issues

If after all of the troubleshooting above has not solved your issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Labor Saver:
[email protected]
1 (888) 401-3811