About Call Buttons

Call Buttons

With the simple press of a button, our Help Buttons are the perfect solution to be able to help guests quickly, increase productivity, help with labor and increase customer satisfaction!  Our wireless buttons are easy to install in less than 1 minute and have a minimum of a 3 year battery life. You can customize the notifications to fit your business and get customized reports. Our buttons are prefect for Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Skating Rinks and so much more!  The small, wireless and waterproof box is perfect to install anywhere that fits the needs of your business, whether it be in a game room, kitchen, bathroom, table top, the options are endless! The Help Buttons can be set-up with walkie talkies, headsets, speaker system, etc…, we can set it up unique to your business needs!

Bathroom Buttons

  • Have you ever had a guest complain about a dirty bathroom?
  • Have you ever walked into your store bathroom and it’s a mess?
  • Have guests had to find an associate about a messy bathroom?

What if you could be notified immediately? What if you could get a detailed report? What if you could fix the problem before anyone else sees it?

With our Bathroom Buttons, you can have all of this! Our wireless button system allows customers to notify you immediately if your bathroom(s) needs attention. Once they press the button, it lets you know which bathroom location through your walkie talkie, speaker, headset, etc… We can set it up uniquely to your business! You have the ability to set what each button notification says and anyone can install the button in under 1 minute. The best part? You can get a detailed report of how many times each button was pushed, how long it took the associate to take care of it and so much more!